"From the nature to  the event to the identity! ... creating the new step by step. " That is how the artist Joël Equagoo lives and breathes. Creative inspirations and experiences in and with nature are the result.

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Upcoming exhibition :

My artwork "Angel of Peace" has been selected to be presented at the unique Virtual Fine Art Fair (Vifaf), which is featuring Monaco, New York, Belgium and The Netherlands. The opening event will take place in Monte Carlo Country Club, Monaco, 28th-29th September 2018. You can find my sculpture "Angel of Peace" at the virtual "outdoor" area. Join us !

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Current exhibition :

The artist Joël Equagoo is thrilled to announce that he was chosen to design and exhibit his art work at the International Butterfly Festival Switzerland.
The exhibition lasts until August 25th, 2018.

Here are some impressions of the current exhibition.


Resident exhibition in Rome, Italy :

The painting “VIP OPERA” of Joël Equagoo was selected by Gallery Mega-Art, Rome, Italy, to be exhibited in their venues.

Here are some further details.

The latest contemporary abstract paintings and Sculptures from Joel Equagoo. For purchase price or any information about these works, please inquire via phone or email. Thanks.

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